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Certification Intro

For now, TP-Link mainly provides four kinds of certifications, which are TPNA for SOHO, TPNA for SMB, TPNP for SMB Routing & Switching and TPNP for SMB Business Wi-Fi.


TPNA SOHO (TP-Link Network Associate for SOHO) Certification could prove that the TPNA SOHO certificate owner has acquired basic network and wireless knowledge, and known all kinds of TP-Link SOHO products (like TP-Link Wireless Router, TP-Link Wireless Adapter, TP-Link PLC, TP-Link AP/RE, TP-Link xDSL and other TP-Link SOHO products) including each kind of TP-Link SOHO product’s usage scenarios, function features, configuration methods and involved technologies.