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Training Courses Intro

TP-Link provides all kinds of training courses including SOHO products, SMB products, Routing & Switching and Business Wi-Fi training courses.

Types of Training Courses

Names of Training Courses



The 10 training courses of TPNA SOHO will introduce basic network and wireless knowledge, and explain 8 kinds of TP-Link SOHO products one by one, including each kind of TP-Link SOHO product’s usage scenarios, configuration methods, software functions and involved technologies etc.

Certification Intro
Basic Network Introduction 2h
Basic Wireless Introduction 2h
SOHO, Module 1: Wireless Router 2h
SOHO, Module 2: Wireless Adapter 2h
SOHO, Module 3: AP/RE 2h
SOHO, Module 4: PLC 2h
Broadband Access, Module 1: xDSL 2h
Broadband Access, Module 2: 3G/LTE 2h
Broadband Access, Module 3: GPON 2h
Broadband Access, Module 4: Cable 2h
All Courses 20h

TPNP SMB Routing & Switching

The 16 training courses of TPNP SMB Routing & Switching will introduce all kinds of Routing & Switching knowledge that TP-Link Switch involves in detail, including all kinds of Switching knowledge like Stack, LAG, VLAN, STP as well as all kinds of Routing knowledge like RIP, OSPF, PIM etc.

Certification Intro
TPNP Switching, Module 1: Stack 2h
TPNP Switching, Module 2: LAG 2h
TPNP Switching, Module 3: VLAN 4h
TPNP Switching, Module 4: STP 4h
TPNP Switching, Module 5: IGMP Snooping 2h
TPNP Switching, Module 6: Network Security 2h
TPNP Switching, Module 7: SNMP 2h
TPNP Switching, Module 8: QoS 2h
TPNP Switching, Module 9: ACL 2h
TPNP Switching, Module 10: SSL&SSH 2h
TPNP Switching, Module 11: LLDP 2h
TPNP Switching, Module 12: Port 2h
TPNP Routing, Module 1: Unicast Routing 4h
TPNP Routing, Module 2: Multicast Routing 4h
TPNP Routing, Module 3: VRRP 2h
TPNP Routing, Module 4: DHCP 2h
All Courses 40h

TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi

The 2 training courses of TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi will introduce how to deploy business indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi with TP-Link EAP, Pharos AP products in detail, including investigation, installation and maintenance.

Certification Intro
TPNP Business Wi-Fi: Outdoor 2h
TPNP Business Wi-Fi: Indoor 2h
All Courses 4h