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TP-Link Training is committed to providing a whole series of training courses regarding Network Products & Network Technologies for all customers, agencies and channel partners.

Trainings-Kurse Einleitung

TP-Link provides various training courses, including SOHO products, SMB products, Routing & Switching and Business Wi-Fi training.

Antrag für Training

Click here to apply for relevant TP-Link training courses. After you finish these courses, you will command a better understanding of TP-Link SOHO & SMB products.


Log into the TP-Link Online Training System to complete TP-Link training courses on your own schedule by watching online training videos and taking tests.


TP-Link Certification is committed to providing global customers with comprehensive, professional and authoritative network certifications for network products & network technologies.

Zertifizierungs Einleitung

Currently, TP-Link provides four kinds of certifications: TPNA for SOHO; TPNA for SMB; TPNP for SMB Routing & Switching; TPNP for SMB Business Wi-Fi.

Bewerben Sie sich für die Zertifizierungsprüfung

Click here to apply for any TP-Link Certification Examinations you require. After you pass these examinations, you will be certified by TP-Link with relevant certifications.

Entwurf Zertifizierungsprüfung

Review all the key concepts that will be tested in the Certification Examination.


Confirm the authenticity of your TP-Link certification.