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TP-Link Training is committed to provide the whole series of training courses about Network Products & Network Technologies for all customers, agencies and channel partners.

Training Courses Intro

TP-Link provides all kinds of training courses including SOHO products, SMB products, Routing & Switching and Business Wi-Fi training courses.

Apply for Training

You can click here to apply for TP-Link relevant training courses. After you join TP-Link training courses, you’ll get a better understanding of TP-Link SOHO & SMB products.

Online Training System

You can log into TP-Link Training & Certification System to complete TP-Link training courses on your own by watching online training videos and doing online tests.


TP-Link Certification is committed to provide global customers with comprehensive, professional and authoritative network certification about network products & network technologies.

Certification Intro

For now, TP-Link mainly provides four kinds of certifications, which are TPNA for SOHO, TPNA for SMB, TPNP for SMB Routing & Switching and TPNP for SMB Business Wi-Fi.

Apply for Certification Examination

You can click here to apply for TP-Link relevant Certification Examinations. After you pass relevant certification examinations, you will be authorized by TP-Link with relevant certifications.

Certification Examination Outline

Examination outline will list all the knowledge points required for each Certification Examination.

Certificate Verification

You can click here to check the authenticity of your TP-Link certificate.