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TPNA _ SMB Router Training Course Detailed Intro


  • Technical Engineers of TP-Link agents
  • Technical Engineers of TP-Link partners
  • Technical Support Engineers & Sales of TP-Link subsidiaries

Entry Requirements

  • Having basic network and wireless RF (radio frequency) communication knowledge
  • It’s recommended to complete the training course (TPNA SMB Basic) first


After completing this training course, you should be able to:

  • Know the SMB (small & medium-sized business) network demands
  • Know the advantages & highlights of TP-Link SMB Routers compared with SOHO Routers
  • Know the software function features of TP-Link SMB Routers
  • Know the typical application scenarios of TP-Link SMB router’s main functions
  • Know the basic troubleshooting methods of TP-Link SMB Routers


This training course includes the following contents:

  • SMB (small & medium-sized business) network demands including demands like high performance, high stability, load balance, firewall and VPN etc.
  • TP-Link SMB routers intro
  • Different software functions of TP-Link SMB routers
  • Q/A (Questions/Answers) about TP-Link SMB routers
  • Troubleshooting about TP-Link SMB routers


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2 hours