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TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi Certification Introduction

The TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi (TP-Link Network Professional for SMB Business Wi-Fi) Certification will signify that you have acquired the concepts and abilities to deploy business indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi with TP-Link EAP, Pharos AP products in detail, including investigation, installation and maintenance.

1.  Certification Requirements

The TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi Certification Exam is open to all technicians and sales staff working in the business network devices field where TPNA SMB certificate required.

2.  Recommended Training Courses

It is recommended to complete the following two TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi training courses before taking this TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi Certification Exam:

Тип обучающего курса

Наименование обучающего курса

Course Outline

TPNP SMB – Wi-Fi для бизнеса

The two training courses of TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi will introduce how to deploy the indoor and outdoor variations of TPNP Business Wi-Fi, using TP-Link EAP, Pharos AP products in detail, including investigation, installation and maintenance.

Apply for Certification Exam
TPNP Business Wi-Fi: Outdoor Course Outline
TPNP Business Wi-Fi: Indoor Course Outline

3.  Certification Exam Introduction

Exam Duration: 90 minutes

Quantity of exam questions: 50 (single & multiple choice questions)

Exam questions distribution:


Quantity of exam questions

1 TPNP Business Wi-Fi: Outdoor 50%
2 TPNP Business Wi-Fi: Indoor 50%

4.  Apply for Certification Exam

When you are ready to take this certification exam, please click here: “Application for Exam”;

5.  Certification Exam Methods

TP-Link provides two kinds of certification exam methods: on-site exam and online exam:

1) On-site Exam

TP-Link subsidiaries will offer on-site exams regularly in particular cities, based upon the number of exam applicants and regional distribution in order for examinees to take the exam in person.

2) Online Exam

a) For examinees out of on-site exam cities’ coverage, you may take the online exam through the Internet.

b) You will receive an account and password for the online exam, and during the designated time, you will login to the TP-Link Online Exam System and complete the exam.

Based on your application information, TP-Link will arrange on-site or online options for the certification exam. This arrangement aims to ensure convenience as you prepare for these exams.

6.  Score Inquiry and Certificate Issuance

Scores from the on-site exam will be sent to your email within seven working days; scores from the online exam will be released to you immediately upon completion. Once the score released to you, TP-Link will finish, issue, and send the official Certification within seven working days.

7.  Certificate Verification

Please visit: “Certificate Verification” to verify the authenticity& validity of your TP-Link Certificate.

8.  Certificate Validity and Re-certification

After passing the TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi Certification exam, TP-Link will sign and issue the corresponding certificate, which will be valid for three years. When the certificate expires, you must take the TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi Certification exam again to renew the validity of your existing TPNP SMB Business Wi-Fi Certificate.