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TPNP Routing, Module 3: VRRP Training Course Detailed Intro


  • Technical Engineers of TP-Link agents
  • Technical Engineers of TP-Link partners
  • Technical Support Engineers of TP-Link subsidiaries

Entry Requirements

  • Having abundant network knowledge
  • It’s required to pass TPNA SMB certification Examination and get TPNA SMB certificate first


After completing this training course, you should be able to:

  • Know the background and advantages of VRRP
  • Know the basic concepts of VRRP
  • Know the working mechanism and principle of VRRP
  • Know how to achieve uplink monitoring function of VRRP
  • Know how to achieve load balance function of VRRP
  • Know the configuration methods of VRRP on TP-Link Switches
  • Complete VRRP protocol analysis based on VRRP protocol data packets


This training course includes the following contents:

  • Background and advantages of VRRP
  • Basic concepts of VRRP
  • VRRP’s working process explanation
  • VRRP’s uplink monitoring function explanation
  • VRRP’s load balance function explanation
  • Experiment: how to configure VRRP function on TP-Link Switches


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2 hours